Increasing The Longevity Of Your Air Conditioner: Blue Bolt's Take

Air conditioners have become a necessity in Dubai because of the city's geographical layout. The hot spells in this beautiful city are long and dreadful, making using air conditioning systems much more critical. Air conditioners are significant investments that require proper and adequate maintenance. In this article, we discuss the many ways of extending the life of your air conditioners and how you can cut down maintenance costs. Blue Bolt is one of the leading providers of home AC maintenance in Dubai, which makes us experts in advising you on what you should look out for while maintaining an air conditioner system.

A few things that help you increase the longevity of your AC are -

  • Regular System Checks - A vital part of conducting an AC maintenance regime is to check for all the components of the machine. This allows the technicians to repair components as and when required and eliminates any extra cost that might occur when the faulty components are used beyond their efficiency levels. This is also an excellent practice to increase the longevity of the AC system.

  • Regular Cleaning - Air Conditioners are prone to attracting a lot of dust, which means regular machine cleaning is essential. While cleaning during annual maintenance services is necessary, cleaning the AC every two months is also crucial. By having a regular cleaning service scheduled, the longevity of the air conditioner system can be improved as a lot of clogging at vital points can be reduced, which translates to better performance of the AC and increased power efficiency.

  • Maintaining Moving Parts - Blue Bolt provides 24-hour AC repair in Dubai, which makes us one of the best air conditioner maintenance providers. With years of experience, we understand how an AC works and have expertise in the many components that make the AC. It is vital to lubricate all the moving parts of an air conditioner regularly, which will undoubtedly increase the machine's longevity and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Thermostat Maintenance - Thermostat accuracy is critical to ensure the cooling system works efficiently. Technicians at Blue Bolt take this aspect of the air conditioner very seriously, as the thermostat dictates the air conditioner's health and plays a significant role in improving the machine's longevity. It is important to note that regular checks on various moving components, internal systems and electrical components all play a significant role in increasing the lifespan of the air conditioner system to a great extent.

  • Inspecting The Drainage Systems - Another aspect to remember while looking to service an AC is to look at the drainage system. As one of the leading providers of home AC maintenance in Dubai, Blue Bolt understands the importance of looking for leaks and cracks in the air conditioner's drainage system that might deteriorate the entire unit.Regular checks will help spot the cracks and blocks in the drainage system, which can be rectified quickly for an improved lifespan of the air conditioner

Blue Bolt provides 24-hour AC repair in Dubai and always asks its clients to stay vigilant in spotting these anomalies. Proper and efficient maintenance programs can increase the longevity of the air conditioner. For more information on air conditioner maintenance services, visit our website to help us help you!