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Air Duct Cleaning

For house owners, cleaning their air ducts is a crucial service. When you clean your air ducts, you use specialised equipment to clean all the vents in your duct system, along with the supply, intake, and return vents. Cleaning the HVAC system, fans, registers, grills, and grills, as well as the boiler, if you have one, may also be part of air duct cleaning.

Cleaning your air ducts and transforming them into a healthier living space in your house is possible with the help of air duct cleaning businesses like Blue Bolt Duct's expert duct cleaning equipment. Getting your air ducts cleansed is advised every 3 to 5 years, while in certain circumstances every 2 to 3 years would be ideal for maximum results and upkeep.

Air duct cleaners employ a range of technology, from simple hand tools to large industrial machines. Air duct washers will also likely have at least single inspection instrument, which might be anything from a basic mirror to a periscope to a CCTV camera setup with flexible wires that can reach all the way inside the air duct system's hard-to-reach areas. When there is a blockage or another need to examine the air vents, the inspection gear will be employed primarily in those situations (for example foul odors).

The steps we follow are :

  • The air duct expert will examine the system after they have arrived at your site. Examining all of the ductwork's entry points, evaluating the condition of the ductwork (by peering inside), and deciding which cleaning method is ideal for your property. The cleaning will start after the ductwork has been examined.
  • The technician will next set up the hoover collection unit. In order to prevent dust, filth, and other debris from spreading around the home and gathering in the hoover collection unit, it is crucial to establish adverse compressed air in the air ducts.
  • Once the air ducts have been fully cleaned, a second check is necessary to ensure that nothing was missed. You are now aware of how air duct cleansing works.