Advanced Home Maintenance Service

Bluebolt is a small local business who are dedicated to a high standard of work carried out efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

We take huge pride in our work and customer satisfaction is the key, which is also reflected in our testimonials of work we have previously carried out.

We carry out General maintenance such as trickling taps, shoddy showers, and loathsome loos. We also carry out repairs, replacements, and new installation of all aspects of plumbing and heating from new radiators to full boiler system conversions.

We are always honest and impartial with our opinions and will never press for unnecessary work to be undertaken.

We also offer maintenance solutions for our customers. Whether you're halfway up the country or on the other side of the world, we can take care of the issues at hand.


Taking care of your plumbing and heating is essential for everyday use as well as safety. We think it should be as pain-free as possible, so we make sure that our work is of the highest quality and carried out as efficiently as possible.


We are gas safe registered and we make sure to always offer a professional service. We take great pride in our work and make sure to leave every customer satisfied.


We carry out new installation of all aspects of plumbing and heating from new radiators to full system conversions.

Book a survey with us today and we will give you a quote for your property.


We carry out general maintenance and annual services such as boiler services and gas safety checks. We have the best plumbing maintenance service in Dubai.


We constantly strive to deliver a consistent level of quality in our service to ensure a seamless experience for our customers.


Customers are at the forefront and with our divergent approach, we experiment and arrive at potential solutions to cater to their needs.


We perceive our clients' expectations and attempt to boost each side of timeliness to urge for a powerful customer relationship.

Nimble & Flexible

We adapt to versatile and procedural workflows to deliver end-to-end client service and satisfy their expectations.

Tank cleaning service in Dubai

Our broad range of tank cleaning heads and nozzles are not only suitable for any sized tank but they are also used to clean almost any conceivable residue. We have fully hygienic, self-cleaning systems suitable for food processing, pharmaceutical, and other hygienic applications. We are the best water tank cleaning service in Dubai. We also have tank cleaners able to handle fluids with a high particle content such as final effluent or oil muds. Additionally, we have ATEX-certified tank cleaning systems suitable for use in all ATEX zone. And finally, we have systems that are able to handle highly aggressive environments such as acid tanks.

We also offer a system for easy cleaning of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) which facilitates cleaning in-house where a suitable water supply is available. Our IBC Cleaning Solution comprises a lance, lids, and a cleaning head (we recommend the Orbiter Eco for a super-fast cleaning cycle of just 3 minutes but any tank cleaning nozzle head can be used). To see more details, see the IBC icon below.

No matter what the tank environment, size or residue we will almost certainly have a tank cleaning head that will deliver efficient, effective and consistently superb cleaning.